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April 13, 2009



Oh My God! Aren't women battling enough stereotypes about how they should look? It never even occured to me that my "uglies" might be more ugly than the next woman's and I'm not sure it would ever occur to the man/woman I was with either. I think generally the female form is a beautiful thing, and by the time you're getting to the stage where people are seeing that part of each other it's pretty much accepted that you already fancy each other, plus you've got certain desires on your mind which will not be affected by the prim and perfect nature of the other person's genitalia!

I've come here from a link on I was rather disappointed to be unable to find the Shameless Self Promotion post on there - I presume they don't do it any more, I'm hoping some people might read my blog sometime...


Wow, I didn't know our vaginas were up for comparison and measurement. I wonder if their are sites for men to check if they 'measure up.' These people are trying to create unreal flaws so they can make money off cutting up vaginas.

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