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April 24, 2008


Plastic surgery Beverly Hills

Well, this is good to hear. There are lots of complications that teens will face. This should be done only with adults.

nose job

I think it's about time, there should be no reason for teens to have plastic surgery.. Not that keen on plastic surgery for adults either

Katelyn Betterton

Hm, that does sound good. In the end, teenage girls are not yet physically and mentally ready to undergo cosmetic surgery. Physically, they are yet to be fully developed, and it's best to take time to consider if plastic surgery is what's right for them.

Crevan Ferrigno

It could work. For cosmetic purposes, it's best to wait a bit until you're older. Plastic surgery is a solution to physical problems, and it may be an ideal solution for some. But it certainly is no answer to peer pressure. It's a long term process that requires careful thought and maturity.

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