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January 10, 2010



Very interesting critique. Thank you! You make a lot of good points. I'm curious to read the book and see what I think of it.

Erika Szostak

Hi, Lucy. Thanks for the kind words. Do come back and leave a comment with your thoughts on the text after you've had a chance to read it yourself. Best, Erika

medieval clothing

interesting article, excellent points in there!

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The fact is that it's a very big deal if you are ever in a wreck.

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Thanks for sharing this idea.

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The nature of a women is very unique, this article is awesome.

Jennifer West

The book has a great subject! It doesn't just talk about menstruation, but it also talks about how it was perceived by people before. The title says it all! There's a cultural history of the norms and actions regarding menstruation. Men, before, were just fascinated by it but now, it's just normal! People's perception really do change.

לפרטים נוספים

Amazing video regarding instructional criticisms aside, this cheeky publication in all its essential third trend girliness is the kind of element I would fortunately give my teenaged little girl when she hit adolescence.

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